As above, so below.
'I just called to say hello'
Add to the array
Thus to say
But this you know
Well, I hope so

I've been trying to learn my way around cubase and release some inner desire at the same time, and ended up here in doing so.

You can check out my personal site, though I'm sure while checking it out you'll end up here again.
As bandAMP has become a bit of a home most of my public stuff is posted here

My Lyrics

May 25th, 2008 + 6:05 AM  ·  kings

This is my Blog page to display my own Lyrics posted here on bandAmp.

I am I the man
And then there were Aliens
You can turn my head
All over the page
One nothing special
Bits of Machines (Silver Machine spoof)
Oooo Eeehh
I told you so
No Parallels in History
Donít forget your Elephant
Like no other
Into the Blue
I gave her
If I was you
I remind you
Thereís a holy man in me
Waiting Room
The world is full of weirdoes
She was such a young thing then
My love and I
I waited for you
I was left...
PROJECT_Are you trying to sell me your soul?
It's not unusual
Me, I come from heaven
Bod y Bawd
Dreams in the night
Secret Words
She's a rich bitch
Same Moon
Everybodyís running
(Poems) I am just a shadow of the man I really am in reality
Brown eyed boy
Dreams of Freedom
Dance to da sound of da ship
Dreams mean nothing my friend
Evil woman
Gather the ravens
He steps
Hells half acre
How can I tell her
I know the things that you want to hear
I met her down by the river
I'll hold you like.....
If I were to turn to you
Inner City
People on Buses
So glad your gone!
Spinning Wheel
This could have been such a beautiful song
Three wise men
Tree little words
Visiting the king
Waiting Room
Y es Y es Y-es Yes Us YesUs Yesus
You can't fool the children of the revolution
Your right
There's an unseen spirit
Sometimes when I let go
You left me standing
She gave it to the boy next door
-POEM by W.Block

As bandAmp offers a most wonderful forum for us to post our Lyrics to BUT offers no way (of which I know) of actually listing our own specific lyrics (as is the case with our 'music').

I'll probably get into Blogging too, eventually ! When I feel like sitting around for hours telling people what I'm doing !!

I'll update this page as I post to the forum.....unless someone gets the excellent idea of making a 'myLyrics' page/tab/list.

Hey, beautiful people ....

January 27th, 2023 + 5:01 PM  ·  kings

So it's the beginning of 2023, it's been literally years since I logged in to this most wonderful place with it's array of amazing and talented people.

The living of Life takes the upper hand, always but I should have realized years ago that 'social media' has nothing on this place.

I think my New Years resolution is going to be 'spend a bit more time at bandAmp'

I see that a few die hards still post and there are new member that need reviewing ... give me some time I'll get round to it.

Would LOVE to hear from anyone who logs in, please leave a Hello below ... an "o no not you again" is also good, I'm ok with either! 

Happy Days!!!

Love how the text box has a Spelling... button with pop up window .... how things have changed!

Can post here but not in threads

April 4th, 2017 + 4:04 PM  ·  kings

TK described something similar happening to him on his account ....

Anyway this seems to be working but as titled I cant seem to post comments in threads

So everyone OK out there in happy world land?

Noticed PX and M have posted recently .... toasty and swordy never left

I am, I the man

December 20th, 2015 + 6:12 PM  ·  kings

Something I wrote trying to figure out the news these days ......

I am, I the man
Never had a big bang plan
Always strayed where the days ran
Found my way to be the words she sang
Who says I donít do what I can

I haven't got a foreign policy
To me itís all the same
Another one gone burning bridges
For the woman who knows his name

Iím no alien
I am a human being
I can sell you hopes and dreams my friend
I can tell you what Iíve seen

I just may be a refugee
But you seek refuge just like me
Youíre lost to reasons to feed your need
Me, Iím lost at sea

Iíd say your god has turned his back
Yes, your god has turned away
A smak of sulphur on his twisted tongue
Disbelief has nothing to say

Youíre forgiven for not understanding
What youíre standing on
As you look with longing to distances
The balance tips
Your foot slips
     And it is gone Ö..

And then there were Aliens

December 7th, 2014 + 5:12 PM  ·  kings

I still haven't learnt my lesson, I still write these 4 line stanzas starting with the same line .... apologies for that up front if it gets to you ......
I wrote this tonight ...... 

And Then There Were Aliens
Who know more than you
And Then There Were Aliens
And all of a sudden it's true

And Then There Were Aliens
And no their not the Chinese
They are Aliens
Who've got to learn to breathe

And Then There Were Aliens
Standing in your way
What say the Aliens
Of the Zen in this day

And Then There Were Aliens
Friends or Foe
You got to ask the Alien
Because I dont know

And Then There Were Aliens
It must be those Hollywood Jews
No these really are aliens
Because they choose

And Then There Were Aliens
Knocking on your door
I'd tell you to run run run
But there's no running no more

So it's just us and the aliens
In this Universe
Stuck here with you
I dont know which is worse

You the alien
That is not me
And everything that's made
These eyes see.

And Then There Were Aliens
Someone like Eve
So tell me what happened
To the shit you believe

And then there were aliens
All over the news
Land on my lawn
Like my shoes

And then there were aliens
With nothing better to do
I'll meet you at the Boneyard
And we'll shoot our way through.


September 7th, 2014 + 3:09 PM  ·  kings

4th of 4 tonight. Written recently, I still feel there could be more to it ......

Waiting for tomorrow
and the digits on the dial
Waiting for the sun to rise
like the child's smile

Sitting in the darkness
Looking at the light
No need for a saviour
I'm OK, It's all right

Waiting for the hallows
Where the curtains to the dream are thin
Waiting for an order
To step in

Find my self in flashes
Run down the corridor
The tide turns to ashes
I've been here before

Waiting for tomorrow
and the bells to chime
Now do you remember
those moments in time

Waiting for a sunset
It's too good to be true
I've marvelled at your beauty
Well I've seen what it can do

Waiting for tomorrow
At the end of today
A point of no return again
Let those sleeping beasts lay

Waiting for an avalanche
Of I told you so
That every in-between the lines
Is all you need to know
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