· My home base a place to listen to my songs and read some of my poetry…
· An excellent tutorial by JBP on how to beefup an audio track
→Link to vB Code Page
· Know how to spice up your comments
→DownLoad Page
· Download Cubase5 CubaseSX WinRAR 3 Guitar Rig.....
→Links to Drum machines
· A thread where Ive posted a lot of Drum Machine links
→A thread with Cubase links
· A thread with Cubase links
→Quotes and Code thread
· A post where I collected a few bits of inpage code.
· A thread of LYRIC links
· Some Icons to express with!
→Cubase Audio links thread
· A thread asking about software
· Devos link to a Fruity Reg Key
→Cubase Links Torrents
· Torrent links for Cubase! )
→More good links to plugins etc
· Izils quest for vstplugins
· Devos thread of tutorial torrent links
→A moment of peace
· Somewhere outside the torrent inside!
→The Dog... Barks!
· Some Devo Info and Links
· As it says on the pack!
→Vocal Tuition
· A long though good singing walkthrough
→Fruity Loops FL Links
· Links to FL related threads on bandAmp and further.
→Links to Free Vst Hosts
· a load of links I collected for TLS most at SonicSpot and HitSquad
→Optimizing Computer for Recording
· Thread with links to TweakingRecording tips
→Exalt in Joy
· An amazing thread started by a daffodil called jesus whos on so much…
→Ritchards Now I can see clearly
· A thread that became a story....read further
→Power to the People
· Muds thread of releasing the Amp to the members
→bandamp toolBar
· A bandAmp toolBar for all main browsers. A very handy tool for the…
· Search bandAmp with Google
→Instrument Mix Positions
· An excellent post by Denis on positioning instruments in the mix
→Deniss Music Tutorials Links and…
· A list of Deniss very useful posts
→Index of
· Index of any file .... add sitehere.com to specify web site

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